Take Action


Back Up Your Birth Control (BUYBC) is a national campaign to expand access to emergency contraception (EC) by increasing education and awareness. Each year, a partnership of leading advocacy organizations, service providers, and other community stakeholders conduct educational outreach and offer free services, culminating in the Day of Action.

Plans for the 10th annual 2011 BUYBC Campaign are already underway. In the meantime, the BUYBC team will continue to serve as a resource for EC information, including ways that activists can keep up the fight to raise awareness of and expand access to EC!

Here's how you can take action:

  1. Spread the Word about EC with FREE Materials
    Our popular EC educational materials featuring Rosie the Riveter are available for FREE! Just click above to place your order, and we'll send you materials to distribute at health centers, to teens, at street fairs, etc.
  2. Enter the Campus Challenge
    If you're a college student, get your group to raise awareness about EC on campus. The most original and informative idea will win a $250 prize!
  3. Write an OpEd or Blog
    Whether it's for your local paper, campus publication, or blog, help educate readers about EC and how they can help others back up their birth control.
  4. Sign the Petition
    Send an email to the FDA and the White House asking them to end unnecessary age restrictions on over-the-counter access to EC.
  5. Celebrate the Back Up Your Birth Control Day of Action
    Use the Take Action Toolkit to get ideas about organizing educational activities in your community for the Day of Action.
Other tips for engaging activists include:

Download the 2010 Back Up Your Birth Control Take Action Toolkit for more ideas including special activities for students and college campuses!